Innovative Style of Teaching

  • We identify and place the children in various groups ranging from class 1 to 10 th th (sometimes till 11 & 12 as well) depending on their present learning. This segregation is independent of their actual class grade to which they belong in their respective schools.
  • These children are allotted teachers (generally engineering students of KNIT from 1 year to nal year who voluntarily come to teach at Koshish) who design a proper syllabus (according to what exactly the child is lacking in) so that effective learning could be provided to children.
  • Along with the knowledge of the traditional subjects, children are also encouraged to participate in various skill development & value based learning activities viz. evening prayer, cultural events, stage presentation, drawing competition, essay competition, science exhibition etc.
  • There are three major events when cultural activities are organized viz. Independence Day, republic day and annual function.
  • We try to impart as many qualities as we can, which seems to be helpful for the children in the long run, i.e. we focus on enhancing the personality of children so that they could grow up as a good human beings in the future.
  • We organize parents-teacher meetings at regular intervals so that parents could also aware about their responsibilities and can also gain the performance evaluation of their respective children by teachers of Koshish. This always helps in keeping the parents motivated. These meetings are very fruitful as parents interact freely & frankly with Koshish team & they tell their complaints, difficulties and problems.
  • We also organize interesting games at weekends for keeping children motivated to come regularly & learn some interesting things also.